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Land Rover to make inroads in Indian defence deals

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A file photo of Land Rover Defender 90

NEW DELHI (BNS): UK automotive brand Land Rover has approached the Indian government for supply of sophisticated and modern military vehicles to the armed forces.

National daily Business Standard Monday quoting a senior executive of the company said its research and development centre in the United Kingdom is developing a new model which will primarily address the defence needs of most countries around the globe, including India.

"We have already started the discussions with the Indian government for sale of Land Rovers, however we cannot comment on the status of the talks as it is confidential," said Bob Grace, Land Rover director (overseas operations).

During the course of the next five years the Indian government will modernise its weaponry to counter threat from neighbouring China and Pakistan. It is believed that the government will spend Rs 3,000-4,000 crore for procurement of vehicles like heavy armoured trucks, armoured personal carriers and other tactical transport solutions for the defence sector this year alone, the paper said.

The new vehicle, which is built on a completely new platform by Land Rover, is also keen on winning orders from other regions like the European nations, China, Brazil and Russia, it added.

A standard military vehicle from Land Rover is based on the Defender heavy-duty 4X4 platform. Defender is sold in a variety of body styles including station wagon, hard top, pick up, double cab pick up and utility station wagon. The military version of the Defender, however, is based on the same basic chassis with improved engine and powertrain, axle and bodywork.

The Company has been building vehicles, including light 4X4 vehicles, which can be used in defence as well as peacekeeping roles for the armed forces, for over 60 years.

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