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Iran claims its fighters armed with new missiles

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Image Courtesy: Fars News Agency

DUBAI (BNS): Iran claims to have successfully mounted a new class of air-to-surface missiles on its fighters.

According to Fars News Agency, a semi-official news service of Iran, said the missile, with a range of 110 kilometers, has been successfully test-fired.

It quoted experts from the Iranian Armed Forces in charge of the project as saying that the air-to-surface missile, weighing 500kg, “can hit and destroy maritime targets up to 110 kilometers in distance.” The report did not say when the test was carried out, or which class of fighters has been armed with the missile.

“The Iranian experts also developed and installed a modern radar and launching system on the fighter jets in a bid to enhance the target precision capabilities of the jets,” FNA said.

The missile has automatic guidance capability and a special warhead designed for destroying major maritime targets, FNA said of the special features of the missile.

The announcement came just a day after a senior Iranian military officer said the Islamic nation has missiles capable of reaching Israeli nuclear sites. Mohammed Ali Jafari, the head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps, had said in Tehran that Iran now has missiles with more than 2,000-kilometre range, capable of reaching all of Israel within range.

Iranian statements come amidst reports that Israel could be planning surgical strikes on Iranian nuclear plants.

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