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  • NDA passing-out parade to be low-key, parents can't attend:-In view of the coronavirus pandemic, the Passing Out Parade at the National Defence Academy (NDA) in Pune will be held in a "scaled-down" manner and parents of the cadets will not attend it, the institute has said....
  • Army commanders deliberate on situation in Ladakh for second consecutive day:-The Indian Army has rushed in additional troops and weaponry to eastern Ladakh as part of its strategy to fend off China's aggressive military behaviour with "firmness", even as top Army commanders deliberated on the delicate situation in the region for the second consecutive day on Thursday, official sources have said....
  • Historic SpaceX launch postponed because of stormy weather:-The launch of a SpaceX rocket ship with two NASA astronauts on a history-making flight into orbit was called off with less than 17 minutes to go in the countdown because of thunderclouds and the danger of lightning; the liftoff has been rescheduled for Saturday afternoon....
  • HAL awaiting approval for Mk-1A manufacture: CMD:-Hindustan Aeronautical Ltd (HAL) is awaiting approval from the Cabinet for manufacture of LCA Mk-1A, the improvised version of Mk-1 fighter platform, to be supplied to the Indian Air Force, the company’s Chairman and Managing Director R Madhavan has said....
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Indian-American plans to mine the moon

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Moon Express Inc or MoonEx is among several others that hope to win the Google Lunar X Prize 30 million dollar competition that requires a privately-funded team to successfully land a robot on the moon's surface.

BOSTON (PTI): A Silicon Valley start-up, founded by an Indian-American entrepreneur, plans to mine the moon and is in the process of building robotic rovers that will search the lunar surface for precious metals and rare metallic elements.

Moon Express Inc or MoonEx, co-founded by Naveen Jain, is building the robotic rovers alongside scientists at NASA's Ames Research Centre near San Jose, a report in the Los Angeles Times said.

While there is no guarantee that the moon is "flush" with these materials, MoonEx thinks it "may be a gold mine of so-called rare earth elements."

"From an entrepreneur's perspective, the moon has never truly been explored," the report quoted Jain, chairman and company co-founder, as saying.

"We think it could hold resources that benefit Earth and all humanity."

MoonEx's machines are designed to look for materials that are scarce on Earth but found in everything from a Toyota Prius car battery to guidance systems on cruise missiles, the report added.

"MoonEx should be ready to land on the lunar surface by 2013," Jain said.

"It's our goal to be the first company there and stay there." MoonEx comprises 25 employees, including former NASA engineers, and has received a NASA contract worth up to USD 10 million.

The company is among several others that hope to win the Google Lunar X Prize 30 million dollar competition that requires a privately-funded team to successfully land a robot on the moon's surface.

The robot must be capable of exploring at least a third of a mile and must also transmit high definition video and images to Earth before 2016.

Jain said the idea of exploiting the moon's resources for private gain is unlikely to be a concern.

"I also think that the moon will be treated no differently than the international water in our oceans," he said.

"In this case, no one really owns the water but any company or country can mine the resources from the international water as long as they follow certain safety/moral guidelines," he said in the report.

MoonEx plans to publicly demonstrate its hardware in the coming months.

The company is financially strong and its co-founders include Barney Pell, the head architect behind Microsoft's Bing Internet search engine and Robert Richards, a commercial space entrepreneur.


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India to go ahead with infra development in key areas along LAC despite stiff resistance from China

India will not stop infrastructure development projects in strategic areas along the nearly 3,500-km Sino-India border notwithstanding China's well-coordinated efforts to stall them by attempting to vitiate the situation in areas like eastern Ladakh, Government sources have said.

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