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IAF plans for 100 combat missiles for Jaguar

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File photo of IAF Jaguar

PARIS (PTI): In a bid to add more firepower to its fighter fleet, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is planning to acquire over 100 close combat air-to-air missiles for the Jaguar aircraft.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) for the acquisition of over 100 of these close combat missiles has been sent to five missile manufacturers including the Raytheon Corporation from United States, Israeli Raphael and European missile consortium MBDA.

"We have received the RFP from the Indian Defence Ministry for close combat air to air missiles for the Jaguar fighter aircraft. We are looking to understand the requirements of the IAF and after that we will decide about the missile that can be offered to them," Raytheon Vice President Dennis J Carroll told PTI here.

We have not yet gone through the details of the Indian requirements but we can offer our AIM-9X and AMRAAM for close range combat requirements," Carroll said.

The Israelis are expected to offer the Derb-5 missile in the contract.
With these missiles on-board the Jaguar, IAF wants to improve the lethality of the fighter aircraft in close range air-to-air combat with enemy aircraft. It has the role of striking deep inside the enemy territory since they were inducted in the IAF in early 80s. The IAF is also in process of finalising its plans for having a new engine for the Jaguar aircraft.

Two major global engine manufacturers are already in race to provide their engines for the programme including the American Honeywell and the British Rolls Royce.

India has around 100 Jaguars based at different locations across the country including a maritime squadron to carry out operations over sea.

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