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Airbus' C295 maritime patrol aircraft tests torpedo

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The C295 maritime patrol aircraft successfully test launches a torpedo. An Airbus Military Photo

MADRID (BNS): Achieving a major milestone in the development of an anti-submarine warfare aircraft, Airbus Military has successfully test launched a torpedo from on board its C295 maritime patrol aircraft for the first time.

The successful test paves way for Airbus Military’s entry into the anti-submarine warfare aircraft domain, the company said.

“This represents an important milestone in the development of the anti-submarine version of the C295 MPA.

“It is also a significant entry for Airbus Military into the market of Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) aircraft, currently dominated by veteran aircraft such as the P-3 Orion and the Atlantique,” Airbus Military, a subsidiary of EADS, said in a statement.

An improvised version of C-235 aircraft, the C295 is a tactical military transport aircraft powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127G turboprop engines.

The C295 is specifically designed to install torpedoes and other external payloads in its two under-wing pylons.

With a flight endurance of over 11 hours, the aircraft can be deployed in a number of missions including Search and Rescue besides surveillance operations.

The maximum payload of the aircraft is 9,200 kg, and its cabin is designed to accommodate up to 71 troops.

With the latest successful launch of a torpedo from the C-295 MPA, Airbus Military now targets to compete with US' P-3 Orion and France's Atlantique maritime patrol and anti-submarine aircraft.

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