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Brahmand.com is a dedicated online Defence & Aerospace news portal. Brahmand, in Sanskrit, connotes the infinite Universe.

The website provides a complete, swift and day-to-day coverage of all latest developments in the Defence and Aerospace domain in an accurate, objective, credible and comprehensive manner.

From the world of defence, our major coverage includes strategic deals and contracts, defence procurement, military exercises, new industry products among others. From the world of aerospace, we bring to you all the latest news, events & discoveries ranging from manned missions to galaxies to myriad mysteries of our Universe.

Our aim is to become an internationally renowned web portal providing timely, credible and accurate information to all our readers from around the world.

Praveen Pathak, GM (Mkt. Promotion & Export)

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Ruslan Pukhov
Director, Centre for Analysis of Strategies & Technologies
Moscow, Russia

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Miranda M Newmai, Content Writer & Editor
Ritu Mousumi Tripathy, Content Writer & Editor
Suman Chowdhury, Content Writer & Editor

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S K Choudhary, Systems Manager
Rohan Mishra, Project Moderator
Anup Kumar, Project Moderator

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